Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

What is the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPWES) Program?

A comprehensive home assessment.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR uses a network of independent home improvement contractors, accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). BPI, a national resource for building science technology, sets standards for assessing and improving the energy performance of homes.

Each participating contractor is trained to identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities and to test homes using a "whole-house" approach. From the initial visit to your home, to installation of energy efficiency work through to project completion, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a "one-stop shop" process. Homeowners learn where their home is wasting energy and know what to expect from their contractors and how to obtain additional information about moving forward.

Blower door tests are performed by certified energy auditors to determine to what degree a home is airtight. A temporary “blower door” equipped with a powerful fan is fitted into the frame of an existing front or back door, and when the fan is turned on, it sucks the air out of the house and blows it outside