What can we do for you?

At North East Spray Foam, we install open and closed cell foam insulation systems for multiple applications.  Our Estimators have extensive building science knowledge and are BPI certified.   North East Spray foam is fully insured and bondable.

Icynene is a one step performance system, low density spray foam that offers insulation, has unique air sealing qualities and improves overall air quality.   The Icynene Insulation System ® has been approved by many organizations, such as the American Lung Association / Health House, Energy Star, and Energy and Environmental Building Association.    Icynene has been the industry standard for over 20 years.  Recently we have added two new products to our inventory.   The ICYNENE LD-R-50 ® is a renewable based, 0.5lb., 100% waterblown foam.  Plus, the ICYNENE MD-R-200 ® is a medium density, 100% waterblown foam. Save up to 50% on energy cost versus traditional insulation.

For insulation properties and ultimate home protection there’s just no comparison. Icynene is more than just insulation. It’s your energy recovery tool  and  your home comfort protection plan. Unlike traditional insulation which can let air in and out through gaps and seams, Icynene spray foam expands into crevices to virtually eliminate air leaks. Which drastically reduces your energy costs. Bottom line:   Nothing protects your family from heat and cold extremes like North East Spray Foam & Icynene.