Spray Foam Insulation Products


Depending on your unique scenario, there is a spray foam product that's right for your home. Whether using our soft, sponge-like open-cell foam products or our rigid closed-cell foam products, your licensed Icynene contractor will help you achieve thermal comfort and air sealing.

Each of our spray foam products has different advantages – learn about the options available below.


Closed-Cell Foam

Open-Cell Foam


Built tough, this rigid spray foam performs brilliantly in flood-prone areas since it can reject bulk water. Closed-cell foam can be used effectively in both interior and exterior applications.

Consistently outperforming traditional insulation types like fiberglass, this spongy foam provides brilliant thermal insulation and air sealing. Open-cell foam products can also provide sound attenuation and allows leaks to drain through them letting you identify leaks sooner for repair.