WARNING on a bag of fiberglass



  • Did you ever notice the WARNING on a bag of fiberglass stating that it can cause cancer? Leading fiberglass manufacturers used to make asbestos and claimed that would not hurt you either!
  • Did you know that you can now buy "formaldehyde free" fiberglass? What was in their product before?
  • Did you know that mold needs air, water and food to grow? Are you aware that fiberglass allows air and water to pass through it?
  • Why can a styrofoam cup keep your hand from burning when it is so thin?
  • Why would someone spend more money on windows than on their insulation when the insulation covers more area?
  • If fiberglass is such a good insulator, why is your attic so hot in the summertime?
  • Did you know that a leading fiberglass manufacturer will recommend using foam to seal your troublesome areas?
  • Why can't we get any fiberglass manufacturing companies to test their product for an in-place performance value?