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The R Value Myth The Myth of Insulation Values The R-value is a modern fairy tale. It’s a fairy tale that has been so touted to the American consumer that it now has a chiseled in-stone status. But the saddest part of this fairy tale is that the R-value by itself is almost a worthless number. It is impossible to define an ins...

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Spray Foam Insulation Products


Depending on your unique scenario, there is a spray foam product that's right for your home. Whether using our soft, sponge-like open-cell foam products or our rigid closed-cell foam products, your licensed Icynene contractor will help you achieve thermal comfort and air sealing. Each of our spray foam products has different a...

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Questions Asked About Spray Foam Insulation


Top 10 Questions Asked About Spray Foam Insulation   1. What’s the difference between open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation? Answer: The raw materials of both types of foam are nearly identical.  The main difference between them is how dense they are (or, how much we fluff up the material during the spraying.) Th...

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